Volvo Penta VCS-2 orange concentrate Coolant 1 Litre, Part Number 24383482

The continued improvement of new Volvo Penta engines with higher performance, more compact sizes and lighter materials raises the requirements for cooling and corrosion protection. Volvo Penta Coolant VCS-2 is orange and must not be mixed with green coolant.
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Volvo Penta VCS-2 orange Ready To Use Coolant, 5 Litres, Part Number 24383484

Volvo Penta Coolant VCS-2 (orange) is the next generation of VCS and contains new inhibitors that are adapted to the materials used in modern engines. VCS-2 (orange) offers improved protection against corrosion and the build-up of deposits.  This new version further helps protect the environment and helps counteract cavitations and galvanic corrosion. The change interval is 4 years for VCS-2 and can be safely mixed with the outgoing VCS yellow coolant.

Note: Never mix with VCS yellow/ VCS-2 orange coolant with green coolant. Your Volvo Penta was supplied with either Green or VCS yellow coolant. They must never be mixed or swapped over. Earlier variants of any Volvo Penta diesel are likely to use the green type. Later Volvo Penta diesel engines may have been supplied with VCS yellow coolant, and they should be kept on this type or the new version, VCS-2 orange type. Remember, your VCS-2 coolant should be changed every four years and you should remove the heat exchanger at least every 5 years if fitted to clean it. 

The best way to replace it is to use the ready-mixed version, as incorrect dilution can lead to overheating issues.

VCS-2 is backwards compatible and can be mixed with the yellow-coloured VCS coolant.
VCS (yellow) has been in use for several years, VCS-2 (orange colour) is a next-generation coolant and has been developed by Volvo Penta Group to replace VCS.
VCS-2 has been extensively tested to meet the requirements of industry
standards ASTM D3306 and Volvo Group Standard STD 418-0007, to
guarantee optimized performance in Volvo diesel engines.

VCS-2 is based on LoBrid Technology (90% Organic Acid Technology /10%
Inorganic Acid Technology), and provides improved coolant oxidation
stability, less metallic corrosion, and better rubber/plastic compatibility.
The inhibitor package in VCS-2 is free of 2-EHA and meets regulatory
changes with higher demands on removing toxic components in the coolant
to improve health and the environment.

VCS-2 has the same service interval as VCS and can be diluted to provide the following protection:
• 40/60 that provides antifreeze protection down to -25 °C
• 50/50 that provides antifreeze protection down to -37 °C

Volvo Penta Part No: 24383482
Quantity: 1 Litre Concentrate

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