Volvo Penta VCS Yellow Ready To Use Coolant 5 Litres, Part Number 22567314

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Volvo Penta VCS Yellow Ready To Use Coolant, 5 Litres, Part Number 22567314

Volvo Penta Coolant VCS (yellow) contains new inhibitors that are adapted to the materials used in modern engines. VCS (yellow) offers better protection against corrosion and the build-up of deposits; it counteracts cavitations and galvanic corrosion.

Note: Never mix with VCS yellow coolant. Your Volvo Penta was supplied with either Green or VCS yellow coolant. They must never be mixed nor swapped over. Earlier variants of any Volvo Penta diesel are likely to use the green type. Later Volvo Penta diesels may be supplied with VCS yellow coolant and they should be kept on this type. Remember, your coolant should be changed every two years and you should remove the heat exchanger at least every 5 years, if fitted to clean it.

The best way to replace it, is to use the ready mixed version, as incorrect dilution can lead to over heating issues.

The continued improvement of our engines with higher performance, more compact sizes and lighter materials raises the requirements for cooling, corrosion protection and therefore also the coolant. Volvo Penta Coolant VCS is yellow and may not be mixed with green coolant.

Kits for cleaning the cooling system:
Cleaning kit part number 21467920 for general use in the event of problems with deposits or oil. The kit is supplied with Installation instruction 47700911. It may only be used on engines filled with VCS (yellow).

In cases where a change must be made from Volvo Penta Coolant (green) or equivalent to VCS (yellow), the cooling system must be cleaned using oxalic acid.

Mixture proportions (freezing point) at:
40% coolant and 60% water gives -24 °C (-11 °F)
50% coolant and 50% water gives -37 °C (-34 °F)

Volvo Penta Part No: 22567314
Quantity: 5 Litre ready mixed

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