Volvo Penta VDS 4.5 SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil, 1 litre, Part Number 23909459

Volvo Penta VDS-4.5 SAE 15W-40 diesel engine oil, 1 litre. The high quality of VDS-4.5 oils allows in certain cases an increase in drain intervals. VDS 4.5 can be mixed with VDS-3.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
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Volvo Penta diesel engine oil 1 litre, VDS-4.5

VDS 4.5 is a high-performance heavy-duty engine oil providing outstanding protection and fuel economy. VDS-4.5 delivers improved engine cleanliness and protection against piston deposits through the use of high-quality base oils and additive components. It is also recommended for certain gasoline engines, please refer to the operator's manual/service.

Volvo Penta Part No: 23909459

Quantity: 1 litre
Viscosity: SAE 15W-40
Grade: VDS-4.5 API CK-4/CJ-4/CI-4 Plus/CI-4/ECF-3/ACEA E9/E7

For: Engine/ Drive: For all Volvo Penta Diesel engines and some Saildrives and gearboxes that specify "same as engine". VDS 4.5 can be mixed with VDS-2 or VDS-3.

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