Yanmar 15W40 diesel engine oil, 1 litre, Part Number 15W40-1L

Yanmar 15W40 diesel engine oil is recommended by Yanmar and us to use in any Yanmar marine diesel, where 15W40 is specified.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Yanmar 15W40 diesel engine oil.

The best and safest diesel engine oil to use in your Yanmar marine diesel is the oil specified by Yanmar. Yanmar engine oil 15W-40 is a proven-performance diesel engine oil, formulated to provide stable performance. Detergency and acid control help prevent engine and bearing corrosion, reducing maintenance downtime.

Advantages of Yanmar Engine oil: 15W40:

  • Promotes resistance to low-temperature sludge and high-temperature deposits
  • Protects engine against corrosion
  • Offers protection against wear and bore polishing
  • Formulated to protect against deposits and filter plugging
  • Package size 1L, 5L, 20L and 208L
  • Approved for EU Stage IIIA/U.S. EPA Tier 3 equivalent and below
  • Specifications ACEA E7, A3, B4, API CI-4, CH-4, ALLISON C4

Part Number 15W40-1L

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