Yanmar 1GM10, 1GM10C Air Filter, Part Number 128171-12540

Genuine Yanmar foam air filter for a 1GM10 and 1GM10C Yanmar diesel engine.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
SKU: 128171-12540
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Genuine Yanmar foam Air Filter insert for 1GM10 and 1GM10C Yanmar engine.

These Yanmar air filters should be washed out and checked for crumbling or decay every season. If the foam has started to decay, then the air filter can be sucked into the engine. Yanmar recommends that this item be changed regularly, perhaps every 2 years. 

Yanmar Part Number 128171-12540

For: 1GM10, 1GM10C

Yanmar Part Number: 128171-12540

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