Yanmar 2GM-YEU, 3GM-YEU, 2YM, 3YM Impeller, Part Number 128990-42570

This is a genuine 128990-42570 Yanmar replacement impeller for 2GM-YEU, 3GM-YEU and 2YM and 3YM engines. 2GM and 3GM serial numbers will begin with an "E" meaning European assembled and they were made after 1997/8.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Genuine Yanmar Impeller, part number 128990-42570, made to exacting standards to last in the harsh environment in which an Impeller operates. 

This is a genuine 128990-42570 Yanmar replacement impeller for 2GM-YEU and 3GM-YEU Yanmar series and 2YM and 3YM engines that use an O-Ring on the face plate. The YEU-type engines will have a serial number on the data plate starting with an "E", meaning that they are all European-assembled engines, using a different saltwater pump. 

Yanmar Impellers are of the highest quality and are far superior to aftermarket impellers. Your life may depend on the impeller working, so never risk you, your crew or the boat by using an aftermarket impeller. 

This genuine impeller kit includes the Impeller, O-ring cover plate screws

Yanmar Part Number 128990-42570

For Yanmar diesel engines: 

2YM15 3YM20 
3YM30, 3YM30R

Yanmar Part Number: 128990-42570

Previous Part number: 128990-42200

128990-42570 Impeller
Cover plate O-Ring
Coverplate screws

If you are unsure about any Yanmar part, please call us, preferably with a serial number on 01326 370060. 

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