Yanmar 2GM20F, 3GM30F Fresh Water Alternator Belt, Part Number 25132-003700E

Yanmar 2GM20F and 3GM30F freshwater-cooled engine, alternator V belt. This belt fits 20GM20F and 3GM30F engines that have a heat exchanger and use coolant.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
SKU: 25132-003700E
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Genuine Yanmar Alternator "V" belt for 2GM20F and 3GM30F Fresh water-cooled Yanmar diesel engines.  

Yanmar Part Number 25132-003700E

For Yanmar diesel engines:
2GM20F (Freshwater cooled)
3GM30F (Freshwater cooled)

For Shire engines:

1230, 1430, 30, 1432, 1433, 1235, 1435, 35

Yanmar Part Number 25132-003700E

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