Yanmar Synthetic 5W40 diesel engine oil, 5 litres, Part Number 5W40-5L

Yanmar Synthetic 5W40 diesel engine oil is recommended by Yanmar and us to use in any Yanmar marine diesel, where 5W40 Synthetic is specified.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
SKU: 5W40-5L
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Yanmar Synthetic 5W40 diesel engine oil.

The best and safest diesel engine oil to use in your Yanmar marine diesel is the oil specified by Yanmar. Yanmar synthetic engine oil 5W-40 is a proven-performance diesel engine used only in Yanmar engines where 5W40 oil is required. 

Advantages of Yanmar Synthetic Engine oil: 5W40:

  • Protecting engines against wear and corrosion
  • Maximum uptime
  • Promotes extended engine protection and service life
  • Formulated for optimum DPF life
  • Outstanding performance

Part Number 5W40-5L

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