Yanmar 6LY Fuel Filter Insert, Part Number 41650-502330

This is a genuine Yanmar Fuel filter, Part Number 41650-502330, used on 6LY Yanmar diesel engines.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Genuine Yanmar Diesel Fuel Filter Insert, part number 41650-502330, made to exacting standards to last in the harsh environment where a marine fuel filter exists.

Yanmar fuel filters are made from thicker metal and painted with corrosion-resistant paint to prevent pin-holing and rust. Some Yanmar fuel filters have multiple layers of filtration and pressure relief valves incorporated to protect your Yanmar engine. These features are often left out in aftermarket products.

Yanmar Part Number 41650-502330

For Yanmar diesel engines: 6LY series

6LY3-ETP, 6LY3-STP, 6LY3-UTP        

Yanmar Part Number 41650-502330

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