Yanmar 80/90 Gear Oil, 1 litre, Part Number 80W90-1L

Yanmar ATF Oil, 1 litre Yanmar Synthetic Transmission Fluid is specially developed for use in stern drives, power-steering, torque-converters and other equipment which require Yanmar synthetic transmission fluid.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Yanmar 80/90 Saildrive Gear Oil 

Genuine Yanmar 80W90 gear oil is suitable for use in Yanmar Saildrives where specified. Reducing wear and the need for replacement parts, its high-quality oil with additives that offer effective pressure protection and wear resistance. A high level of oxidation stability helps prevent oil thickening and avoids the harmful formation of varnish and deposits.  

The oil retains good fluidity at low temperatures, allowing rapid circulation during start-up in cold weather.

Usage: All Yanmar Saildrives (where specified)


  • For use in YANMAR saildrive gears
  • Meets AGRI-GL5 performance
  • Pressure and wear protection
  • Oil thickening, varnish and deposit resistance
  • Low-temperature fluidity
  • Package size 1L
  • Suitable for all YANMAR Saildrives
  • Specifications API-GL5
  • Order number: 80W90-1L

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