Yanmar Coolant, 20 litre, Part Number Coolant-20L

Yanmar-ready mixed coolant is recommended by Yanmar to use in any Yanmar marine diesel, where coolant is required.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Yanmar Coolant, 20 Litres

Yanmar high-performance, long-life, anti-freeze coolant for engines. The coolant is ready to use down to -40̊C protects vulnerable components of the cooling system against freezing, boiling and corrosion, also at high temperatures.

Advanced additives promote environmental protection.


  • Ready to use (Ready Mixed)
  • Freeze protection to -40°C
  • Vulnerable component protection
  • Reliable hard water stability
  • Aluminium corrosion resistance at high temperatures
  • Package size 1L, 5L, 20L and 208L
  • Colour red
  • Suitable for all Yanmar engines

Part Number Coolant-20L

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