Yanmar fuel and oil system copper washer, Part Number 23414-120000

Yanmar copper washer, for the engine-mounted fuel strainer connections on all GM and YM series engines. This copper washer is also used on the lower parts of the 1GM10 lubrication system.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
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Yanmar fuel and oil system copper washer.

Part Number 23414-120000 is used on the pipe connections to the engine-mounted fuel filter strainer on all Yanmar YM and GM-based engines.

This copper gasket is also used in many other applications including the lower lubrication pipework on a 1GM10 and 1GM. To help identify this copper washer, it is 18mm wide and about 1mm thick.

Yanmar Part Number: 23414-120000

Fits: All GM and YM series Yanmar diesel engines.

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