Yanmar Service kit for 1GM and 1GM10 diesel engines, Part Number SK-MARINE-001-G

This offer includes genuine Yanmar basic service kit parts for 1GM and 1GM10.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
SKU: SK-Marine-001-G
Delivery date: 1-2 days
You Pay: £46.26

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Yanmar basic service kit for a:


This offer includes the following genuine Yanmar parts:

119305-35170 oil filter
104500-55710 fuel filter
24341-000440 fuel filter O-ring
128176-42090 impeller kit
128170-42090 impeller gasket

If you require friendly advice or other items such as oil or extra parts, call or email us to make up your kit to your requirements. 

To complete the service., you may also need engine oil, a pre-filter a drive belt, a water pump belt and anodes if fitted. 

Yanmar Part No: SK-Marine-001


1GM 7.5hp@3600rpm. Oil capacity- 1.5litres approx
1GM10 9hp@3600rpm. Oil capacity- 1.3 litres approx. 

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