Yanmar | Shire 125A Alternator, Part Number 128990-77250

Yanmar 12 volt, 125 Amp Alternator, for the 3YM30AE, 4JH5E and other Yanmar and Shire/ Shanks engines listed below.
Manufacturer: Yanmar
SKU: 128990-77250
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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Yanmar 12 volt, 125 Amp Alternator

This is a genuine 125 Amp alternator fitted on the 3YM30AE, 2YM15, 4JH4, 4JH5, and some Shire/ Shanks diesel engines, see below.

For Yanmar diesel engines: Alternator 12V 125A

3YM20, 3YM20C
3YM30, 3YM30AE
4JH4-TE. 4JH4-HTE    

SHIRE/SHANKS Alternator 12V 125A

For Shire 30 from Serial No xx-02663

Shire 35 from Serial No xx-02663

Shire 38 from Serial No xx-02663

Yanmar Part Number 128990-77250

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