Volvo Penta Impeller for D6 and TAMD63 diesel engines, Part Number 24139373

Impeller for some D6 including D6-280, D6-310, D6-330, D6-350, D6-370 and TAMD63 series diesel engines.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 24139373
Delivery date: 1-2 days
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Volvo Penta Impeller for D6 and TAMD63 series diesel engines.
Impeller removal tool 3843949 is required for this genuine impeller.
Volvo Penta Part Number: 24139373

Previous part number: 22994993
Previous Part Number: 21951358
Previous Part Number: 22000061
Previous part number: 3887761

For Volvo Penta Diesel Engines: 

D6-310A-A, D6-310A-B
D6-280A-A, D6-280A-B, D6-280A-C, D6-280A-D, D6-280A-E
D6-280I-A, D6-280I-B,  D6-280I-C, D6-280I-D, D6-280I-E
D6-310A-C, D6-310A-D, D6-310A-E, D6-310D-B, D6-310D-C, D6-310D-D, D6-310D-E
D6-310I-A, D6-310I-B, D6-310I-C, D6-310I-D, D6-310I-E, 
D6-330A-B, D6-330A-C, D6-330A-D, D6-330A-E
D6-330D-B, D6-330D-C, D6-330D-D, D6-330D-E
D6-330I-B, D6-330I-C, D6-330I-D, D6-330I-E
D6-330A-F, D6-330D-F, D6-330I-F
D6-300A-F, D6-300D-F, D6-300I-F
D6-350A-A, D6-350A-B
D6-370A-B, D6-370A-C, D6-370A-D, D6-370A-E
D6-370I-A, D6-370I-C, D6-370I-D, D6-370I-E
D6-370D-A, D6-370D-B, D6-370D-C, D6-370D-D, D6-370D-E
D6-370A-F, D6-370D-F, D6-370I-F
D6-400A-E, D6-435D-A, D6-435D-C, D6-435D-E, D6-435I-A, D6-435I-C
D6-435I-D, D6-435I-E, D6-435D-D, D6-435D-F, D6-400A-F, D6-435I-F



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