Volvo Penta Xact low friction control cable, 13 Feet, Part Number 21407226

Volvo Penta Xact 13 FT low friction throttle and gear change cable. Volvo Penta Xact cables are superior for the smoothest operation, especially for tight bends and long or complex cable routings.
Manufacturer: Volvo Penta
SKU: 21407226
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Volvo Penta Xact Control Cables have been designed to provide the smoothest and easiest throttle/shift operation, while at the same time reducing friction. All fittings are stainless steel. 
The all-stainless steel armoured strand core allows for greater flexibility with Xact cables and they are capable of being put into tighter bends for difficult cable routings. Control cable friction plays a vital role when installing your new sailboat control. We always recommend the Volvo Penta Xact cable for the smoothest operation, especially for tight, long or complex cable routing situations.
This is the 13 ft or 3.96-metre version, part number 21407226
If replacing an existing cable, the length required may be printed on the outer sheath of the existing cable, usually every 2 or 3ft. It is very important to select the exact cable length, fewer bends mean 
better operation and durability. Measure, in as straight a line as possible, the distance between the control mechanism and the engine/transmission connections. Calculate a radius of 200 mm for all bends. 
Adapt the cable as shown in the illustration L = A + B + 200 mm. 

If the measurement falls between two standard cable lengths, select the longer cable. The cables must not be cut to size.

Click here for the Xact and normal C33 type shift and gear change cable size chart

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